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​Environmental Activities FundBackground:

The Empire State Chapter-SWCS, as a professional society of soil and water conservation stewards, would like to encourage innovation and professional development among its Chapter membership. A great deal of effort has gone into education and advocacy, but this alone only has an ephemeral effect on a land and water stewardship ethos. What really motivates and encourages a continuing ethic is to "see it on the ground". To foster this stewardship, the Chapter wishes to be pro-active, by making available a mini-grant program for members to use in a professional way to further the Chapters' mission (The Soil & Water Conservation Society fosters the science and art of soil, water, and related resource management to achieve sustainability. We promote and practice an ethic recognizing the interdependence of people and the environment. The NYS Empire Chapter protects, enhances and improves the natural resources of New York through education and multi-disciplinary development).

​This proposal hopes to compliment member initiatives in a small way by assisting in the application of conservation measures. Projects involving other professionals, SWCD's, government agencies, NGO's, school/scout groups, church organizations, etc..., are all eligible for funding with a Chapter member sponsor. There is no application deadline. An application should be submitted whenever a member feels they have a good project. It will be acted upon at the next Council Board meeting, if possible. See the Chapter newsletter for upcoming meeting dates.

​For further information, contact your Regional Representative, or any other Board member. Good Luck


To initiate and facilitate a grant based funding program to promote the activities of Empire State Chapter members in the application of conservation stewardship measures, either privately or professionally.

Who is eligible to apply:
Any current member of ESC-SWCS.

Funding Availability:
Maximum $1000./application.

Project Categories (with generalized examples):

  • ​Recreation (trail maintenance, informational signage)
  • ​Wildlife Habitat (plant material acquisition, monitoring practices, equipment rental)
  • Urban and Ag. E&SC (informational pamphlets, field day expenses)
  • Critical Area Planting (plant material acquisition, equipment rental
  • ​Nutrient Management (public outreach costs, soil testing, small equipment purchase) 
  • ​​Research (materials acquisition, publication/distribution costs, media outreach)
  • ​Demonstration (public information outreach, printing costs, equipment rental)
  • Other (something new or creative? Describe as best you can)

​There is a great deal of overlap in eligible measures among the different categories. The only limitation is your imagination!

How to Apply:
Fill out the Application Form and submit it to Scott Fitscher.

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