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​Our Conservation Mission

The Empire Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is a multi disciplinary membership organization, that advocates for the protection, enhancement and sustainable use of soil, water and natural resources. Through education and example, we promote an ethic that recognizes the interdependence of people and the environment.


SWCS History
In the early 1930's, we had three events, the dust bowl, the depression, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The dust bowl, caused by extremely dry years...

Constitution and By-laws
The Empire State Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Societies by laws and constitution in place were last amended in December of 1987.

SWCS Council Members and Staff
SWCS Council Members and SWCS Staff profiles

Photo Gallery
We always keep our cameras handy, and some of these photos were sent in by SWCS members. If you're interested in contributing your images, go to our contact page and let us know.

SWCS Empire Chapter: swcsnewyork.org@gmail.com
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