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Empire Chapter SWCS council members are volunteers elected to positions at the annual meeting and are responsible for managing the activities of the SWCS in New York during the year. Regular business meetings are held throughout the year and society members are encouraged to attend.

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SWCS Council Members and Staff
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Brad Schwab

​Phone: 585.314.5007
Raymond G. Mueller

​Phone: 585-374-6959
Heath Eisele
Vice President

​Phone: 585.343.9167 ext. 115
Scott Fitscher
​Region 4 Representative

​Phone: 518.692.9940
Lisa Miller
SWCS Staff — Executive Office Manager
Peter Wright
Phone: 585-314-5314​​
Scott Fickbohm

Scott Fickbohm

Jess Sargis
Region 3 Representative​​
At-Large Representative​
Scott Fonte
​Region 2 Representative
Nicole Kubiczki
Region 1 Representative​
Phone: 716.350.4007​​