Constitution and By-laws

​The Empire State Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Societies by laws and constitution in place were last amended in December of 1987.


Article B-I

​Section 1. The council shall: (1) control and manage the affairs and funds of the Chapter; (2) fill any vacancy occurring in the membership of the Council to the next regular election; (3) authorize the employment of salaried personnel as required and determine their duties; rate of pay, and period of employment; (4) recommend to the Chapter the adoption of amendments or revisions of the constitution or by-laws; (5) perform such other duties as may be prescribed in the by-laws; (6) resolve any questions regarding the election or term of any Council member not covered by these by-laws; and (7) in the event of tie vote in elections, cast lots to break the tie vote.

Section 2. For the purpose of assuring representation on the council for various areas of the State, the Council shall refine the boundaries of four areas. Each county shall be entirely within a given arcs.

Section 3. Meetings of the council may be called by the President, by majority of the Council, or by a petition of 10% of members in good standing. At least 10 days notice of the date and place of each meeting and the general nature of the business to be acted upon shall be given to all members of the Council by mail or in person; provided that in case of an emergency, which shall be stated in the notice, a meeting may be called on less than 10 days notice.

Section 4. A majority of the members of the Council shall be required for a quorum for the transaction of business and, except as may be otherwise specifically provided in the by-laws, a majority vote of the members of the Council voting on any matter within the scope of the authority of the Council shall be required for its determination.

Article B-II
Terms of Office

​Section 1. Terms of elected officers and Council persons shall commence following their installation at the Chapter annual meeting. They shall continue until the next annual meeting or until their successors have been qualified. The President-elect shall automatically assume the Office of President upon the expiration of the President's term.

Section 2. The President, President-elect, Vice-president, and Secretary shall serve a one-year term. The Treasurer shall serve a three year term. Council persons shall serve two-year terms except the Council persons representing the Student Chapters shall serve a one-year term. Neither the President, President-elect, nor Vice-president may be elected to the same office until after one year has elapsed following the end of the term.

Article B-III

​Section 1. The President shall preside at meetings of the Chapter and at Council meetings. The President shall appoint all standing Committees with the approval of the Council and shall perform all duties incident to his office. Approval by the Council shall consist of an affirmative concurrence by a majority of Council Members present.

Section 2. The President-elect shall perform the duties of the President in cases of absence or disability of the President. The President-elect shall assist the President in selecting membership to serve on Standing and Technical Committees. The President-elect shall serve as the Central Program Chairperson.

Section 3. The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in absence or disability of both the President and President-elect.

Section 4. The Secretary shall: (a) keep minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Chapter and the Council; (b) at the direction of the President, issue notices of all meetings; (c) be the official correspondent of the Chapter; (d) submit an annual report to the Chapter, and (e) keep current an official roster of Chapter members.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall: (a) be responsible for all funds of the Chapter; (b) be bonded in such amounts as the Council may determine at the expense of the Chapter; (c) submit an annual report to the Chapter and such interim reports as the Chapter or the Council may direct; and (d) perform all other duties incident to the position of the Treasurer.

Section 6. Council persons shall represent the members from the individual areas or Student Chapters on the Council. The Council persons serve as advisors to the Chapter Officers.

​Article B-IV
Nominations and Elections

Section 1. The annual election of President-elect, Vice-president, Secretary and Council persons shall be held my mail ballot and completed 15 days prior to the annual meeting. Election for Treasurer will be every three years. The membership of each area shall elect one resident Council person. Council persons from areas 1 and 3 shall be elected in odd numbered years; from areas 2, 4 and at the at-large representative in even-numbered years.

Section 2. Student members shall have the right to vote in elections of all officers, but shall be excluded from voting for the Council person in the area where they are located. Students shall have the right to vote for a Council person nominated from Student Chapter members.

Section 3. Nominations for all offices shall be compiled by a Nominations Committee for three named by the President at the previous annual meeting, who shall bring in a slate of at least two names for each elective office. All nominees must be members of the Society. Students may not be nominated as a candidate for the at-large representative. Members are encouraged to suggest nominees to the Nominations Committee. Each Student Chapter may submit one nominee for the candidacy of Council person representing the Student Chapters. The Nominations Committee shall obtain the consent of each nominee before placing that name on a ballot. The official ballots shall be returned to the Chairperson of the Nominations Committee. They shall be counted by the Nominations Committee and retained by the Chairperson until the end of the meeting at which the election is consummated. The candidate receiving the most votes shall be declared elected.

Section 4. In the event that a duly elected officer or Council person cannot serve because of events arresting between the time of election and the annual meeting, nominations may take place from the floor at the annual business meeting, and the members present at the annual meeting may elect to fill the office. In the event a Council person representing the Student Chapter cannot serve, an election shall be conducted at the earliest date to fill the office.

​Article B-V
Chapter Meetings

Section 1. The Chapter shall hold an annual meeting and such other meetings as may be approved by the Council.

Section 2. An authorized president officer and ten members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at a meeting of the Chapter.

Section 3. All members shall have the privilege of the floor at any meeting of the Chapter and shall have the right to vote on any proposition or at any election.

​Article B-VI
Committees and Task Forces

Section 1. Except as otherwise provided in these by-laws, Standing and Technical Committees and Task Forces may be created by the Council for any purpose within the scope of the objectives of the Society. Special temporary committees may be created by the President for like purposes not otherwise provided for. The President shall appoint the members of all committees except as otherwise directed by these by-laws or by the creating authority. All committees and task forces shall prepare a written report on their activities as directed by the creating authority. All committees and tasks forces shall prepare an annual summary to be presented at the annual meeting.

Article B-VII
Dues and Finances

Section 1. The annual dues of members of the Chapter shall be established by the Council. The individual member shall remit Chapter and Society dues to the Chapter Treasurer, who will receipt of these dues on the Chapter Receipts Register. Society dues will be forwarded by the Treasurer to the Society office using the procedures prescribed in the current Handbook for Chapter Officers. Student members will remit their dues to their Student Chapter Treasurer. Student Chapter Treasurers shall forward to the Society or Empire State Chapter the respective dues using the procedures prescribed by the Society or the Empire State Chapter.

Section 2. Disposition of Funds- all funds received by the Chapter, where derived through dues or other sources, except such funds as are required to be remitted to the Society by the Chapter Treasurer in a manner prescribed by the Society Executive Vice-president.

Article B-VIII

These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership voting; provided that such proposed amendment shall have submitted in writing to all of the membership at least 30 days prior to the date set by the Council for the counting of the ballots. An amendment, unless the same otherwise provides, shall become effective immediately upon its adoption.

Article B-IX

Section 1. Student Chapters shall adopt their own by-laws and shall conduct all business in accordance with the adopted by-laws. Each Student Chapter shall file a copy of the adopted by-laws and any revisions thereof with the Secretary of the Empire State Chapter.

Section 2. Anything contained in these by-laws or in any bylaw adopted by the Chapter deemed to be in conflict with the by-laws of the Soil and Water Conservation Society or any provision thereof shall be void and of no effect.

Article B-X

Section 1. Policies adopted or established by the Chapter or Council are instruments for the administration or management of Chapter affairs or activities. These policies are not amendments to or part of the By-laws. These policies shall be an appendix to the By-laws as information for the purpose of assisting the Officers, Council persons, and members in the administration of the Chapter.


Article I

The name of this organization, which is located in the State of New York, shall be the EMPIRE STATE CHAPTER of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. The Chapter is established as a non-profit, professional, scientific education organization.

Article II

The objectives of the Chapter shall be to enhance our environment; to promote and advance the science and an of good land and water use and management and promote the conservation of all nature resources; to provide a medium of exchange for facts, experience and thought; and to represent, advance, and protect the standards of the science of resource management and conservation.

Article III

Section 1. Membership eligibility in the Chapter shall be limited to those holding membership in the Soil and Water Conservation Society. Student members of the Society shall be eligible for membership in the Empire State Chapter.

Article IV
Governing Body

Section 1. A council of twelve members shall be the governing body of the Chapter. Members of the Council shall consist of the President, President-elect, Vice-president, the immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four area and one at-large Council persons elected from the membership of the Chapter, and one council person representing the Student Chapters.

Section 2. The officers of the Chapter shall consist of the President, a President-elect, a Vice-president, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

Article V

Section 1. Student chapter shall be bonafide subchapters of the Empire State Chapter.

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